Former Jackrabbit Josh Manchigiah will return to Brookings on Saturday as a coyote


VERMILLION, SD (Dakota News Now) –Josh Manchigiah has always had a pretty good idea about football. “Getting an interception, a pass-breaking, a tackle, anything, just playing with instinct and finding the ball and just being able to play free.” said Manchigiah.

The native of Papillion Nebraska quickly exposed it in the state of South Dakota. A redshirt in 2016, Josh became a starter in 2019 and led the Jackrabbits with four interceptions in their 2021 spring season.

During the fall, he lost his starting spot and, with one year of eligibility remaining, he once again trusted his instincts. “The transfer portal is crazy business, so you need to look at your opportunities realistically and take advantage of what’s there for you. The coaching staff (USD) was really intentional with me and I appreciated that. Josh talks about moving from SDSU to USD.

He quickly became the oldest and most experienced player on the USD roster. “And he played at a high level in our league. Guys like that will help you. From a footballing point of view, he arrived and started running. According to USD head coach Bob Nielson.

So much so that his first interaction with his new team involved some play with his old one. “That was one of the first things they were like ‘oh SDSU? How about this play?!” Manchigiah says of USD’s game to beat SDSU last year that he was in on it.

On Saturday, Manchigiah returns to Brookings dressed in red, the first Division One-era player to switch sides in the rivalry. “The only thing I can compare him to is like a Seth Benson who committed to us (out of high school) and then ended up in a school, in this case Iowa. It was a treat to visit Seth and I can’t wait to see Josh and wish him the best. Always have.” SDSU head coach John Stiegelmeier said.

There will definitely be strong feelings seeing former teammates and friends, many of whom were at his wedding party last summer. “There were like 20 of my ex-teammates were there. I’m excited to play against a lot of my friends and it will be good. It will be a good challenge, it will be a good game. We’re excited, I’m sure they’re excited and I hope the fans won’t be too hard on me! No bad blood from me, but I can’t wait to go back. said Manchigiah.

While trying to set an example for her again.

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