Florida wildlife officials rescue adult coyote hit by car and stuck in grill overnight


When the coyote was hit by a car, the driver thought he was dead.

An adult coyote was rescued Wednesday night after being hit by a car and spent the night trapped under the vehicle’s grille. According to a post shared by the St. Francis Wildlife Association, Florida, USA two days ago, when the coyote was hit by a car, the driver believed it was dead. However, when the vehicle was delivered to a dealership on Thursday morning, employees found the coyote still alive and trapped inside the grill.

An animal rescuer from the St. Francis Wildlife Association was summoned to the Peter Boulware Toyota in Tallahassee, where staff members were able to remove the front of the vehicle for easy access. The coyote was rescued and placed in a cage by the rescuer, reported Fox 35.

The rescued animal was then sent to the Allied Veterinary Hospital for x-rays, medication and stabilization. He suffered from a sharp fracture of the right front ulna and radius. The next morning was a Friday and urgent healing treatment was scheduled.

The wildlife association has also recommended that, where safe to do so, drivers should always examine their vehicles after hitting a wild animal.

“We can meet you at the location to do an assessment. We are happy to check in for you, and we are available 24/7 to assist you,” the association wrote in sharing the post.

He also thanked the team at Allied Animal Hospital for their help in stabilizing the x-rays and Dr. Carl Jehn of Capital Veterinary Specialists for agreeing to take on such a special case at such short notice.

“We cannot help these animals without our partners in the community giving us a helping hand when we need it. We are so grateful to everyone who helped save this poor terrified animal this morning. We will hold our all the world aware of its progress,” the association said. wrote again.

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