Eric Church’s canine crew members help prevent COVID outbreak


When Eric Church brings his Assembly tower at the Ford Center on November 13, he will have a few unique members on his tour team.

Alex and Timmy are professional COVID sniffer dogs. Bio Detection K9 says dogs have a 99% detection capability and it only takes about 30 seconds to detect the virus.

The dogs sniff Eric, the band and the team before each show, if one of the dogs detects COVID in someone, then the person must take a test.

A few weeks ago, his group had a COVID breakout. While his group was quarantined, Eric put on an acoustic performance with very special guests.

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Since early detection is key to preventing an outbreak from happening, this sounds like a great idea. By the way, dogs are only used for band and team members, not for those attending the concert.

COVID sniffer dogs work so well that other concert tours are also considering hiring them.

Tickets are still available for Eric Church, Assembly tower, at the Ford Center on November 13. Go HERE to get your tickets.


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