Embark for Veterinarians Canine Genetic Screening Test Now Available

The test means a transformation for the canine DNA industry which, until now, has mainly focused on determining breed mixing

Embark Veterinary, Inc has launched Embark for Veterinarians, a canine genetic screening test specifically designed for veterinary professionals that helps inform proactive clinical care decisions for better patient outcomes.

“Veterinarians have always been the ultimate authority in turning genetic screening results into actionable care plans that improve the health and well-being of their patients,” said Adam Boyko, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Embark, in a company statement.1

“Embark has always given customers a way to share their DNA results with their veterinarians, but with the launch of Embark for Veterinarians, genetic results will go directly into the expert hands of veterinary professionals, making DNA testing an even more effective tool. to help extend dog health and longevity, he added.

According to the press release,1 Embark for Veterinarians fits seamlessly into a veterinary practice workflow, allowing vets to obtain dog DNA samples from their exam room, activate and send the swab to Embark and to directly receive the complete genetic report of their patient. The test encourages veterinarians to identify other diagnostic and treatment options (i.e. medical interventions and lifestyle changes). Veterinarians can also create a personalized clinical care plan based on the patient’s genetic results, with support from Embark veterinary geneticists.

Additionally, a product specifically designed for in-clinic genetic testing, such as Embark for Veterinarians, strengthens the vet-client relationship.

“As we test the DNA of our 100th patient since the pilot study began last year, I can confidently say that genetic testing has saved the lives of at least three patients,” said Sharon Minninger. , DVM, Senior Medical Director and Chief Veterinarian at Telford Veterinary. Hospital, in liberation.1

“When DNA testing helps us diagnose a patient, it not only allows us to personalize pet care, but it also creates a bond that makes that dog owner a customer for life.”


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