Elden Ring Player notices interesting details about Red Wolf of Radagon


With Ring of Elden being such a massive game, it’s no surprise that a few of its boss battles had to be reused at certain points in the adventure. Red Wolf of Radagon is one such fight, although despite having fought the creature a few times, a few Ring of Elden fans didn’t notice a cool aspect of its design.

To be fair, this detail is incredibly small, and players don’t really get a chance to look closely at Radagon’s red wolf. Players of the version fight against the backdrop of the Battle of Rennala as well as the Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon move incredibly fast. Beasts are constantly jumping around their respective arenas, giving players almost no time to breathe. With the Red Wolf of Radagon enjoying a very low health bar, the fight is balanced, as players only need a few hits to be victorious.


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Curiously, if Ring of Elden players manage to slow things down enough to zoom in on Radagon’s red wolf, they can spot a cool detail on the beast’s ear. Although it’s easy to miss, the creature is actually wearing jewelry. As shown by Reddit user Cthulhubot666, the creature’s ear is lined with gold rings. A blue and red symbol is featured on one of these jewels, while fans can spot even more rings if they look at the fur on the animal’s neck.

If the beast was slower, maybe Cthulhubot666 would have noticed the rings sooner, but they say it took them 500 hours to make this discovery. From a lore perspective, jewelry is a nice touch. This makes the red wolf even more regal and special than he already is, which is fitting given his ties to Radagon – a key figure in Ring of Eldenthe complex story.

In the comments, some Ring of Elden fans were quick to say they had no idea these jewels were present on the Red Wolf. Other Redditors were quick to crack jokes, nicknaming the creature Swagagon’s Red Wolf due to its love of “Elden Bling” or saying it earns a ring for every time it kills the player. . Cthulhubot666 also posed a good question, wondering who would be brave enough to dress up the monstrous wolf. Most fans seem to agree that Radagon himself was the most likely answer. Not only would he be brave enough to do so, but his personal attachment to the red wolf and his own lore support the theory.

The next time players drop by Raya Lucaria Academy, it might be worth a closer look at Radagon’s Red Wolf. Considering the speed, however, that’s easier said than done.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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