Elden Ring: How to Beat Red Wolf of Radagon

Having trouble fighting Radagon’s red wolf in Elden Ring? It is not a simple task, defeating the powerful magical beast that guards the inner domains of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Radagon’s Red Wolf may not have a lot of health, but its quick movements and deadly attacks can mean a quick end for an unprepared player.

Below, we’ll walk you through exactly how to defeat Radagon’s Red Wolf in Elden Ring, starting with video footage of my attempt and ending with our top tips to keep in mind when fighting the wolf.

Elden Ring: Red Wolf of Radagon Boss Fight Walkthrough

Once inside Raya Lucaria’s Academy, things really start to heat up on your Elden Ring journey. There are powerful magic-wielding enemies waiting for you around the corners of this location, and before you can reach the final boss, you must defeat Radagon’s Red Wolf – a large and magically powerful variant of the wolf enemies you’ve faced. throughout Elden. Ring.

Radagon’s red wolf non-magical attacks are pretty straightforward – just a telegraphed series of bites. But when he combines those stings with his deadly range of spells, that’s when things can get hairy really quickly. Below, we’ll walk you through some tips to keep in mind when fighting the Red Wolf: but first, take a look at how I ended up defeating this quick boss.

Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight video walkthrough:

How to Beat Red Wolf of Radagon: Top Tips for Success

Here are our top tips for a successful battle against Radagon’s mighty red wolf:

  1. Increase your magic protection as much as possible
  2. Roll into the Red Wolf Jump Attack
  3. Memorize simple boss combos
  4. Don’t dodge too soon

The red wolf’s attacks are mostly magic, so magic resistance is a must for this fight.

1. Increase your magic protection as much as possible

The Red Wolf’s attacks are mostly magical, so you should try to build up as much magic damage resistance as possible before this fight. Wear armor with high magic protection (you may have found a Karolos Glintstone Crown and a Raya Lucarian Robe during your foray into the Academy – both offer good magic protection).

If you are a magic user, you may also have found a spell such as the Magic Fortification incantation, which can increase your magic damage negation for a short time. Go through your inventory to find something like this that can help you tank the magic attacks of the red wolf.

2. Launch into the Red Wolf Jump Attack

The Red Wolf doesn’t have a high health pool, and it’s in your best interest to stay aggressive so you don’t prolong the fight. One of the best times for a melee character to deal damage is right after the red wolf’s overhead attack with the flaming sword in its mouth. This move is very clearly telegraphed and easy to avoid. Dodge the attack and you’ll find yourself right next to the wolf as he recovers, giving you the opportunity to land some crucial blows.

The red wolf of Radagon, a boss in Elden Ring, swings a flaming sword in an arc at the player.
Radagon’s Red Wolf has fairly simple and short combos that can be easily learned.

3. Memorize Simple Boss Combos

Unlike the main bosses you’ve faced so far, such as Margit and Godrick, the Red Wolf of Radagon uses relatively short combos. This makes it very easy to learn his attacks. His physical bite attack is only a three-hit combo (the third hit slightly delayed), and his no-jump sword attacks are still two-hit combos. After each of these attacks, he takes a while to recover, giving you the opportunity to hit him at least once.

4. Don’t dodge too soon

You’ll see in the video above that I should follow my own advice here: but it’s also a good way to demonstrate the point. Some Red Wolf attacks, notably with the sword, are more delayed than simple bite attacks, inviting to dodge too soon and be punished. Pay attention to this.

It’s also a good idea to try to time your dodges to avoid simultaneous attacks from both the wolf itself and the glitterstone flying daggers it summons. He will summon these daggers sometimes one at a time, but often three at a time; and they’ll wander around for a while before targeting you. This means you often have to dodge both daggers and the wolf’s next attack with a single roll. So be sure to time this throw well, rather than panicking and dodging too soon.

That concludes this walkthrough of Radagon’s Red Wolf fight in Elden Ring. You’ll earn a mighty sword as a reward for taking down this boss, and you can read more about it in our guide to the best Elden Ring weapons. You can also check out our guide to the best Elden Ring armor to help you survive future fights.

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