Elden Ring: How to Beat Radagon’s Red Wolf

FromSoftware’s hit game, Ring of Elden, apparently contains hundreds of formidable enemies, one of the worst being Radagon’s Red Wolf. This boss is located in the Raya Lucaria area and can be a tough fight depending on a player’s build, even using the help of Spirit Ashes. Understanding how to defeat the Red Wolf Radagon is imperative to completing Ring Elden, as players cannot continue the story until the enemy has been killed. Find out how to prevail against this menacing dog below!

Elden Ring: How to Beat Radagon's Red Wolf

How to Beat Radagon’s Red Wolf in Elden Ring

While preparing to face Radagon’s Red Wolf in Ring of Elden, the main thing to remember is that this enemy uses both magic and fire-based attacks with a sword. Therefore, players should wear armor and gear that increases their level of magic defense rather than physical defense. It’s also a good idea to stock up on Vials of Crimson Tears as the path to the Red Wolf is quite difficult, filled with many enemies. Sprinting as much as possible is absolutely necessary if players want to reach the boss with enough battle gear to win the fight.


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Radagon’s red wolf is one of the fastest enemies in Ring of Elden. He quickly jumps and dashes around the room, making it difficult for players to hide. Although despite its speed, the wolf does not have many attacks. Its flaming sword attack sees the boss dash forward, sweeping the player twice. Simply rolling or even blocking these attacks should be enough for this part of the fight. A variation of the sweep sword is when the wolf slams against his opponent right after the two sword swings. Players will either have to back up or dodge this attack. The final variation of the sword attack is when the wolf spins around in a huge circle with the edged weapon. It’s not a lethal attack with the right amount of health because it only hits once, and a shield is very useful in this case.

When Radagon’s Red Wolf attacks with three swords at once, they will hang in the air for a while, making it easier to dodge. Players simply have to dodge to one side repeatedly while keeping an eye out for swords and the wolf.

It’s also important to note that the Red Wolf appears to be weak to blood damage. A sword with a Blood Art deals serious damage to this Radagon enemy. The blacksmith in the Round table can equip a weapon with a blood attack. It will be incredibly useful in combat.

Continuing to block and dodge each of these attacks should ultimately result in the defeat of the Red Wold of Radagon in Ring of Elden.

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