Dog howls on video call with canine friend in hilarious viral clip

Many of us have become familiar with video conferencing sites such as Zoom or Facetime due to quarantine during the pandemic.

But, according to a TikTok video that recently went viral, it wasn’t just humans who got in on the action.

In the clip, which was shared to the app by Sumoflifeofficial, we can see a large, fluffy dog ​​jumping around a living room and howling in front of the large television.

Why? Because there’s a huge white dog on the screen yelling at him. Text superimposed over footage: “So my dog ​​faced his friend today.”

The video was originally shared on January 25 on TikTok, along with the caption, “Quarantine starts skiing.”

The post gained popularity with 787,200 views and over 135,800 likes.

It was reposted on the popular Instagram Pubity account on December 8 where it went viral with over 8.7 million views and 685,000 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable pictures.

Social media user Eliasherrera1 wrote, “Dogs have a zoom meeting and bots are looking for partners in the comments. Ahh future!!”

Another person, Chilly~hoe, added, “Are we not going to talk about the proportions of the fireplace compared to the TV.”

Lookitdawg wrote, “It seems the pandemic has really taught us how loving and intelligent dogs are.”

Doc_Lexi said: “Oh my god, I’m watching this with my Malawolf…he starts, then brings in the other Malamute, which got the 2 Huskies started…I have a dog choir going on.”

Mikeymandich joked, “They both make good points too.”

Arinimukherjee revealed, “My dog ​​doesn’t even understand TV.”

Soophieroberts tagged a friend to talk about his own dog, writing, “I feel like Riko would be like ‘no thanks mom and come hug’ and Milo would be like ‘omg omg omg omg play’.”

Mctarf observed: “My how the world has changed…dogs have zoom meetings…lol.”

Tranquilplace721 commented; “Better communication skills than most guys I’ve spoken to. wyd. nothing wyd.”

Dave admitted, “They’re both sad because they think the other is trapped in the shiny flat thing.”

Recently, a photograph of a dog enjoying another quintessentially human chase went viral on Reddit.

In the snap, which was shared by an account called Pacmaneatsfruit, we can see a white and gray dog ​​peering out of a car window at Christmas lights, which are reflected in the body of the vehicle below.

The photo is made even more adorable by the look of wonder in the dog’s eyes as he stares at the brightly colored decorations.

“My wife and I don’t have kids yet so we take our dog out to watch the lights. He loves it,” Pacmaneatsfruit shared in the caption.

An image of a howling dog. On TikTok, a dog has gone viral after his adorable reaction to FaceTiming his friend.

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