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Could Dave Bautista be the new Tom Hanks? It seems more likely that he will end up channeling Jim Belushi instead as he seeks to star in a new comedy called Unleashed who sees a cop paired with a dog that looks like some version of either K-9 Where Turner & Hooch.

Unleashed is a new script from Blockers writers Jim & Brian Kehoe, who has Label director Jeff Tomsic is also considering signing.

The concept for this one would see Bautista as a cop who is best friends with a canine partner who can smell out any crime. When Boomer dies on the job, the cop agrees to have no more dog partners, until he teams up with Zeus.

Although we’re not sure we need to see a comedy where a heroic dog dies (we still haven’t finished any of those 1989 movies listed above – not saying which one for spoiler reasons) , the biggest red flag is the last time Bautista played a cop with a fun partner, we got Stuberwhich didn’t really sit well with critics or audiences.

However, Bautista will be fine, since he still has Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads headed our way over knock on the booth and the long awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Oh, and he’s currently busy shooting beast mode (Rabban) Dune: part two.

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