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What there is to know

  • Sunday March 20
  • Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach
  • The 17th Annual National Bulldog Beauty Contest, Best Senior Dog, Best Siblings

Puppies? They’re famous for panting, growling, dozing, and gnawing, and they really, really like to snack.

But our adorable four-legged friends are also known for their adorable bouncing ability. They jump on a toy, hop onto a suddenly empty couch cushion, and jump into their arms when we call them (well, if they’re not busy nibbling or gnawing on their favorite toy, of course).

And spring into the spring in a festivity centered around our springtime Fidos? It looks like a light and smiley way to start the most beautiful season.

So here’s something worth doing a smug bark: Haute Dogs, the group behind these Long Beach-based events that spotlight our costumed and cuddly best friends, is hosting a series of cute contests on March 20. 2022.

Which, yes, is the very first day of spring, an ideal occasion to organize a happy happening.

Adding to the zingy, sunny vibe? It all happens near the waves, at Rosie’s Beach.

As with previous Haute Dogs events, there will be several original competitions for your dog to participate in, although you can certainly attend without participating in any of the snarfly showdowns.

Yes, we said “snarfly”, because the headlining competition is the Bulldog Beauty Contest. It’s the licky and adorable launch pad for the day, which means you’ll need to be on the light sand and early for the 9am contest.

But you say you don’t share your house with an English bulldog?

There are a host of other photo-worthy contests for your dog, including Best Older Dog, Best Young Dog, Best Small Dog, and Best Large Dog.

And a new category for 2022: Best Siblings, covering cuties who share the same address (puppy siblings don’t have to be the same breed, keep in mind).

Eager to register your dog, learn more about donating to Haute Dogs, and review all the contests filling the merry morning at 1 Granada Avenue in Long Beach?

Wander around this site now, puppies, for more information on the 17th Annual Bulldog Beauty Pageant and heartwarming competitions to follow.

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