Coyote Ventures Raises LP Investment from Bank of America

Coyote Venturesa San Francisco, Calif.-based venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage women’s health and wellness startups, has received an LP investment from Bank of America.

Bank of America is the largest institutional investor in Coyote Ventures Fund I and follows previous investments from The Case for Her and Tripple Family Office.

Led by general partner Jessica Karr, the company has already invested in six startups, all of which aim to catalyze change by helping the health and wellness industry move towards gender equity.

Coyote Ventures has invested in Cunninga manufacturer of plant-based hormonal wellness products sold at Whole Foods Market and Walgreens nationwide, Hera Biotech, a new endometriosis diagnostic company. All CEOs of Coyote Ventures portfolio companies are women and many of the co-founders are BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+.

As an early employee and biochemist at Impossible Foods, Karr has worked with international startups as an innovation consultant. She founded Coyote Ventures in 2021, which now has an all-female team and an advisory network of doctors, scientists and health-tech executives.



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