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Victoria Medrano de Madera is surrounded by her parents after signing her National Letter of Intent to run cross-country and track at the University of La Verne.

Following in her brother’s footsteps, Madera High School’s Victoria Medrano will head to college athletics.

Medrano’s brother, Raul, plays football at Luther College in Iowa. Meanwhile, Victoria has signed a national letter of intent to run athletics and cross-country at the University of La Verne.

Medrano received interest from La Verne earlier this year and followed her on a recruiting journey and training session that led to her committing to the school.

“I got an email applying to the school and I was watching their athletics,” she said. “I was following their cross country team on Instagram. Their coach reached out to me and he seemed like a genuine person who I shared the same ideals with and wanted to continue my running with. I was able to go out and practice with them in early March. I went there after one of my track meets in Los Angeles. I worked with them to see their unity. I fell in love with school. I also have a tour.

Medrano leaves Madera highly decorated both in athletics and studies. She graduated with a 4.3 GPA and is one of the most engaged students on the MHS campus.

“With my mother, she is very generous and loves being in the community, she said. “They raised me to be out at events. My brother, Raul, was also an athlete. I was always there so why not do something while I was there so I helped out a lot at the snack bar. I joined management when I was in college. This continued until my senior year.

Mderano, who was named the most inspirational athlete of the year by Kenny Taylor, plans to major in biology with a minor in kinesiology to become a sports physician.

She will run at La Verne, which she likes to do.

“From a young age, I fell in love with running,” Medrano said. “I started cross-country in third grade. My dad was also a runner. That’s where my running came from. I played a little softball and basketball, but running was my priority. I cheered on my freshman and sophomore year, but realized I needed to take racing more seriously.

Medrano got to watch her brother sign a National Letter of Intent and realized that was something she could do too.

“It was a very surreal experience signing my name,” she said. “I saw my brother do it last year. I think that’s when I felt like I wanted to do this, that’s for sure. We are very close in age, two years or so. Being so close in age and growing up together, going through our own athletics and different experiences, he was a really big inspiration to me.

With two kids in college, Medrano’s parents are happy to see them go play college.

“They’re happy to see us both going to college, especially since they’ve given so much time and money to get us to where we are,” she said.

Victoria could become the favorite as she is closer to home than Raul.

“I told my mum she could come visit me and watch my races. I’m on the beach in Santa Monica,” Victoria said. “When I went to visit school and practice with the team, my parents were taking Raul to LAX to go back to Iowa. It worked out. He can go there and I’m in LA. So when he come back, we’ll meet there.

Medrano went through three coaches during his four-year career at Madera, including freshman coach April Smith this season.

“She’s totally different from (Russ) Stanford,” Medrano said. “He (Stanford) has definitely helped me become the runner that I am.”

Smith was hired late in the summer training season and Medrano and the team had to catch up during the cross country season.

“I was very happy with my track season,” said Medrano. “The cross-country season got off to a rocky start because we didn’t have a coach at the start of the year. Training alone all summer, not knowing what to expect, was quite interesting. Meeting our new coach, I was a bit nervous. She’s an amazing coach and she’s really earned my trust. She has an incredible connection with her athletes. It developed throughout the cross-country season and started on the trail. We were fully in it. She knew what she wanted to do with our team. I had complete confidence in her and she got me where I wanted to be.

She explained it to the coach of La Verne and they supported him. When she set personal bests in the 800 meters, the coaches became more interested.

“I explained to him that I started my cross country season late,” she said. “I was hoping for a personal best over and over and over during the track season. It kept happening in the 800m and 4X400m relays (run two). I usually run the mile, but we decided to change and I’m happy with it.

Medrano continues a series of MHS female athletes who have an opportunity in college and are happy to be part of it.

“It’s amazing to see women going to college,” she said. “They all did as much work in school as they did outside. It’s amazing that we grew up together and I can see them going out and continuing their careers. I wish them good luck. »

With the success Medrano had at Madera High, she is ready for the opportunity at La Verne University.

“I can’t wait to go to school,” she says. “I will miss my family, my friends and my teammates. We have become so close over the years. My family has always been there for me. I am delighted with this change and this opportunity to continue with the sport that has been there for me.

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