Coyote Mart League City theft: James Michael Person arrested 2 weeks after store clerk taped ducts


LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) – League City police made an arrest more than two weeks after a convenience store clerk was found unconscious with his hands tied behind his back and his mouth closed after a robbery.

The LCPD has announced the arrest of James Michael Person, 41. He was charged with aggravated theft and held on $ 100,000 bond.

The individual is charged with robbing the Coyote Mart, located in the 3000 block of W. Marina Bay Drive, on December 19. Officers said he brandished a handgun before walking behind the counter and stealing money from cash registers.

The video above is taken from a previous report.

When LCPD officers attended the scene in response to a theft, they said they found the 46-year-old store clerk unconscious, tied with duct tape, outside the store.

ORIGINAL REPORT: League City convenience store clerk found unconscious with duct tape over his mouth after robbery

Surveillance video of the area showed the suspect driving away from the scene on a motorcycle, investigators said.

Detectives investigated nearby businesses and neighborhoods and determined that the motorcycle had returned to a house in the Glen Cove neighborhood, located just a mile and a half from the theft.

The LCPD said evidence, including the handgun used in the crime, linked the person to the theft.

The clerk was treated for head lacerations and was released from the hospital.

“This matter has been resolved thanks to the dedication and commitment that League City Police Detective Shane Yount makes every day without exception,” said Lt. Michael Buffington. “Detective Yount went the extra mile in this case, having few leads to follow initially, his tenacity allowed justice to prevail.”

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