Coyote fans head to Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas. (KELO) – After knocking out Ole Miss in the first round and Baylor in the 2nd round, the USD Women advanced to the Sweet 16 in Wichita, Kansas. It’s less than 400 miles from Vermillion, and many Coyote fans, former players and alumni made their way south for Saturday’s big game.

USD says it sold just under 2,000 tickets for Saturday’s Sweet 16 match at the box office alone.

“I really think the town of Vermillion is probably closed at this point because most people are already on their way here. So if you’re trying to find a place to go out to eat or do anything in Vermillion, there might be an establishment open tomorrow and that’s probably where everyone is going to watch the game, ”said the coach -Chief Dawn Plitzuweit.

Fans began planning their trip to Wichita after USD’s win over Baylor.

“As soon as I could get the phone, get the numbers to try and figure out a way to get to Wichita and rent hotel rooms,” said 1973 USD alumnus Joe Trudeau.

“When I heard about this game in Wichita, I thought there would be a lot of former USD students. A few days after the Baylor victory, I discovered that there were not bad here, said 1974 USD alumnus Jim Hargens.

With Wichita’s proximity to Vermillion, USD could very well have the biggest fanbase of the Sweet 16.

“We’ll see. I hope so. It would be great to support our young girls. They had a great year and I hope to see it,” Hargens said.

Making the Coyotes very first trip Sweet 16, all the sweeter.

“It’s fantastic. The number of people we meet from USD is incredible. What an opportunity for these ladies to perform at this level. It’s fantastic,” Trudeau said.

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