Coyote critically injured after being hit by car, impaled in car grille in Lake County

A coyote was rescued and treated after it was found lodged in the front of a car at a Lake County home on Sunday. | Photo: Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation

A woman hit a coyote with her car, impaling it in the grille and seriously injuring it, and drove to her Lake County home without noticing the coyote was lodged in her car Sunday morning.

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, a Barrington-based nonprofit, said the coyote was hit around 5 a.m. Sunday.

He was alert but shows signs of internal injuries.

He also suffered serious injuries to his right hind leg after being dragged into the grille of a car.

A woman driving hit the coyote, drove home with it in the grille of her car and entered her home, according to Flint Creek Wildlife.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy knocked on the door of the driver’s house at 7:30 a.m. after neighbors reported a live coyote stuck in the grille of his car.

Lake County Animal Control responded, removed the coyote from the car’s grille and brought it to Flint Creek Wildlife for handling.

“Many thanks to Lake County Animal Control, the Lake County Sheriff and neighbors who reported the poor coyote stuck in the grille of the car,” the organization said.

Flint Creek Wildlife said it had a similar situation years ago with a coyote that was hit by a car and also lodged in the grille.

The man went to work with the coyote in the grille of his car without noticing that he had hit him.

When he arrived at work, his colleagues told him that there was a fox, which turned out to be a coyote, in the grille of his car.

Waukegan Animal Control extracted him and brought him to Flint Creek Wildlife for care.

The coyote, nicknamed Vern, had suffered three leg fractures and undergone extensive rehabilitation, but made a full recovery.

“Please always stop when you hit an animal or if you think you might have hit something!” says Flint Creek wildlife.

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