Consumer-centric Clif Bar now betting on canine snacks to drive growth


And rock the boat it’s certainly doing – shifting its focus from consumers to dogs.

The California snack producer is striving to double in size and has tasked the ‘Trailblazers’ with exploring new growth strategies that are both disruptive and sustainable to achieve this bold goal.

The team of “intrapreneurs” – overseen by Hamdallah and the incubator’s senior director, Greg Lok – were asked to maintain an agile startup mindset and apply the principles of the Five Aspirations business model of the business.

Earlier this year, Clif Bar & Co. announced five new product lines and six product line extensions, including Clif Cereal, Clif Pop’n Crunch snack clusters and Luna Keto Brownie Bites, as well as two new Clif Kid ZBar varieties. and smaller versions of two builders Clif Bars.

Blazing new trails

Now, the Trailblazer’s first venture is taking an even bolder bet: expanding its energy treat portfolio with an equally impactful plant-based canine treat.

The decision to dip a toe into the new category is underscored by the dramatic increase in pet ownership — a legacy of COVID, Clif Bar said.

According to data from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), ownership has remained resilient throughout the pandemic, a continuing testament to the emotional benefits of pets, such as helping to alleviate stress and provide joy, during difficult times.

However, today’s treasure pooches are now seen as a member of the family rather than an extension of it, and owners are just as choosy about what they consume.

This leads to an emerging demand for human-grade pet food – and a whole lot of white space for Clif Bar to explore.

“Joining Clif Bar is a unique opportunity to create meaningful change in the world through food,”Hamdallah said.

“I want to build on the company’s legacy of category-defining innovation by developing foods that reach more people, grow the company and increase our positive impact on humanity.

“Just as Clif Bar was founded nearly 30 years ago to disrupt the energy bar category, the Trailblazers incubator is designed to consistently execute our bold innovation agenda and accelerate our growth plan.

“In addition to a rapid, data-driven product development and go-to-market strategy, what makes our approach different is the extension of CLIF brand loyalty. By introducing CLIF Pet, we will bring energy to the whole family.

CLIF Pet is a plant-based pet snack, set to launch nationwide in early 2022. The line will start with three flavors of treats for four-legged creatures, but Clif Bar plans to build on the Pet portfolio In the coming months.

“With more than 11 million U.S. households bringing home a pet in the last 18 months of COVID, the category is exploding and ripe for new offerings,”Lok added.

“What makes this launch unique is the combination of speed and discipline to bring an innovative and relevant product to market during a global pandemic.

“We’re really blazing new trails by applying best practices from tech start-ups to our expertise in consumer insights and packaged goods – it’s a winning combination.”

Bold thinking, big ideas

The progressive, employee-owned San Francisco Bay Area company values ​​its impact as much as it does the creation of its snacks and is a strong advocate for organic farming. In his new role, industry veteran Hamdallah will lead the development of products and business models specifically designed to create positive change, such as increasing the use of organic and/or certified sustainable ingredients, sucking up the others to follow his “We are the initiative to plant 1 million trees and advocate for employee sabbaticals, on-site childcare in the office, and flexible working hours.

“Rizal’s track record of bold thinking, big ideas and positive impact through food has made him a force in the industry and a perfect fit for our company’s unique Five Aspirations business model” ,Clif Bar CEO Sally Grimes said when the appointment was announced.

“Under Rizal’s leadership, innovation at Clif Bar will accelerate how we rethink the food industry for health, equity and the Earth.”

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