City warns citizens after report of coyote attack


FORT ST. JOHN, BC — The City of Fort St. John said it received reports of a coyote attack near Fort St. John Hospital.

It comes after a resident posted in a local Facebook group on Monday morning saying their two dogs were attacked near the hospital during their morning walk.

The city posted a statement on its social media warning the public of coyotes in the area and reminding them to watch out for wildlife.

The city reminds residents to avoid startling wildlife by making noise or traveling in groups, staying away from animal feeding areas, and knowing that changes in a wild animal’s behavior likely mean that he is too close.

The city also reminded residents to keep dogs on leashes when walking them.

If you encounter a wild animal like a bear or coyote, the city recommends that you back away slowly, look tall, and stay calm.

When there is a human-wildlife conflict, the city recommends calling the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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