Chihuahua survives coyote attack in Mesa backyard

Buddy was attacked by a coyote in the garden.

MESA, Ariz. – A Mesa man watched in horror as a coyote easily jumped a six-foot wall and attacked his one-year-old Chihuahua mix.

Fortunately, the dog, Buddy, survived.

His owner, Jerry Dempsey, said he was shocked not only that the coyote jumped so easily into his yard, but also that the coyote entered such a developed area to attack Buddy.

” I heard about [coyote attacks,] but I never thought it would happen to me, Dempsey said. The family lives near Power and Brown in a very suburban neighborhood. “You just have to be outside with your dogs all the time.”

A San Diego-area inventor with a similar story has a better idea.

Paul Mott lost one of his little dogs in a coyote attack in 2014. His name was Buffy.

“I just heard a scream and turned around to see a coyote taking Buffy away,” Mott said. The Motts never saw Buffy again.

Mott got to work on something that would help protect his other two dogs, and he invented the Coyote Vest.

It looks like a dog life jacket, but with spiked collars laid out straight, running the length of the jacket, and it also has large, shiny hairs coming from the back and standing up straight which Mott named “whiskers of coyote”.

“It really makes your dog look like you just got off the set of a Mad Max movie,” Mott said.

Mott took the invention on Shark Tank and although he didn’t make a deal with the Sharks, his invention was successful. His company now produces as many vests as possible for a growing market.

“It gives you that moment I wish I had with Buffy to turn around and scare the coyote away before your dog was seriously injured or killed,” Mott said.

Dempsey said he might become a client.

“If it’s the right color combination, I wouldn’t mind,” Dempsey said.

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