Cat confronts coyote on Texas porch in wild video: ‘He was a fighter’


A crazy encounter between a cat and a coyote was filmed Thursday, the feline having narrowly escaped.

Video was recorded on a home surveillance camera in Surfside, Texas on June 9 and showed the scene unfolding between the two animals.

In the footage, the cat could be seen trying to hide and escape from the coyote. While the cat suffered numerous close calls, the feline was able to climb up the ramp to the house to escape to safety.

Resident Tony Gray told FOX Television Stations Group that he saw the encounter happen on his porch in real time.

“You can hear me knocking on the door to scare the coyote away. That’s why he ran away,” Gray said. “He was a fighter and luckily the coyote was a temperamental pup.”

The 45-year-old posted the video to social media, writing, “Island life…Someone almost lost a cat.”

In Houston, which is about an hour from Surfside Beach, residents confirmed to sister station FOX 26 Houston last year that there was a coyote problem, and it had resulted in the death of animals from company.


Cat tries to escape the coyote in CCTV footage. (Credit: Tony Gray)

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, Houston’s urban coyotes run in packs and like to forage for food when night falls.

“Oh, actually, coyotes are pretty common in the city of Houston,” said Kelly Norrid, urban wildlife biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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He said coyotes have been roaming Houston for decades, along bayous and moving from wooded area to wooded area.

“We’ve heard a lot over the past few years that coyote numbers are booming all over Houston,” Norrid explained.

He said coyotes are not known to harm humans and attacks on domestic animals are very rare.

“I’m amazed at the diversity and health of the wildlife population on this island,” Gray continued, adding, “Surfside is an amazing place, but we need to keep our pets indoors and outdoors. security.”

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It is currently unclear who owned the cat or where it went after the incident.

“It was my first experience up close and hopefully my last,” Gray concluded.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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