Canine Companions Live Stream Puppies Raised in Santa Rosa



If you’re looking for something to brighten up your day, Canine Companions’ livestream of eight Labrador-Golden Retriever mix puppies in Santa Rosa may do the trick.

Viewers can watch the 6-week-old puppies eat, sleep and play from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily until the dogs are moved to begin training to become service dogs.

Kerinne Levy, National Research Program Manager for Canine Companions, is currently welcoming the puppies and their mother, Wazy, to her Santa Rosa home due to the on-site accommodation order, instead of the organization’s campus in Santa Rosa.

The association, which provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities and veterans, has previously hosted live broadcasts of puppies, but this one is proving more popular thanks to CNN’s coverage, said Michelle Williams, marketing and public relations coordinator for the association.

“It hit CNN,” Levy said. “At 7 am, there were 400 people watching. I wasn’t really expecting it. There was a ton of good feedback, and people love it.”

Puppies who train to be service dogs typically begin training around 8 weeks of age, Williams said. But due to the pandemic, Levy could take care of the puppies a little longer, and the livestream will be available for at least a few more weeks.

Watch the live stream below:

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