Canid Pest Ejectors tested by Natural Resources Adelaide to kill foxes in 10 week trial



ONE TEST uses remote cameras and a new bait device to kill foxes without endangering animals.

HUNGRY Wild Foxes in Greenwith have been warned – you’re on hidden camera.

A 10-week trial to help rid the area of ​​foxes using a combination of remote cameras and a new baiting device is taking place at the last semi-commercial sheep property in Greenwith through mid-September.

If successful, the trial could become the standard statewide.

The Adelaide State Natural Resources Government is road testing two “Canid Pest Ejectors” – a new baiting device that injects poison directly into the mouth when bitten, making it safer for pets. company.

Traditional baits can be picked up by foxes, taken away and thrown anywhere for other animals to consume.

Mt Lofty Ranges District Officer David Hughes said landowners felt “really vulnerable” to foxes, with studies showing an average of around 18 foxes per 100 ha in areas comparable to Greenwith.

Foxes from the Adelaide suburbs, like Greenwith and Salisbury Heights, are also well known for entering suburban backyards at night in search of food like chickens.

Mr Hughes said operating the 16ha property could potentially reduce lamb losses by up to 30%.

“Cameras are basically our eyes when we’re not around.

“They help us determine whether we have chosen the most efficient locations for the CPEs,” he said.

“So far, cameras have shown that foxes are more active on the property at night.

“The aim of the trial is to help reduce the number of foxes and the pressure they put on young lambs.

“Because the property is in an urban area, as safe a method as possible for pets was needed,” he said.

Canine parasite ejectors can be installed closer to neighboring properties than baits.

“If there are other lambing properties nearby, one effective approach is for the neighbors to work together to control the foxes.”

If the trial is successful, it could be integrated into SA Water’s existing fox control program.

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