Brookgreen Gardens’ new four-acre habitat to help endangered red wolf



ENTRANCE TO MURRELLS, SC (WBTW) – Brookgreen Gardens has launched a fundraising campaign to help protect the world’s most endangered wolf – the red wolf.

The $ 250,000 campaign will fund a new four-acre habitat in the Brookgreen Lowcountry Zoo to allow a pack of red wolves to live safely in their natural environment. The zoo will be home to two breeding wolf pairs in cooperation with the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan, a program designed to oversee the management of the population of an endangered species in captivity and improve their conservation in the wild.

“The red wolves were in danger of being hunted to extinction and we have a rare opportunity to be part of the effort to save this species through breeding, education and conservation,” said said Page Kiniry, President and CEO of Brookgreen Gardens. “This effort is directly aligned with our mission to collect, conserve and display the plants, animals and cultural material of the South Carolina Lowcountry. We ask for your support to help the red wolf species survive.

Brookgreen’s Lowcountry Zoo, one of five institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums of South Carolina, allows guests to learn about animals native to the Lowcountry, including species seen in the state Savage.

All of the native animals at the Lowcountry Zoo were either bred and bred in captivity or suffered a major disability due to injury. Either way, these animals cannot survive in the wild.

In April 2020, Brookgreen Gardens received a $ 50,000 grant for the Conservation Centers for Species Survival and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Recovery Challenge to help create the red wolf exhibit at the Lowcountry Zoo. The C2S2 grant was complemented by a generous donation from the Christy and Ken Taucher Donor Advised Fund of the Central Carolina Community Foundation, which will support the first phase of the project. Another equivalent donation of $ 50,000 was offered by a Brookgreen Gardens trustee who wishes to remain anonymous.

To donate to the campaign and become a member of Brookgreen’s Red Wolf Pack, visit Donors who contribute $ 25 or more will receive a red wolf card and sticker, $ 250 or more will receive a red wolf thank you gift that includes a red wolf face mask and $ 2,500 or more will be recognized with a plaque. the exhibition.

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