Bangkaew finally receives recognition from the International Canine Federation


The FCI, which includes 98 member countries and has approved more than 355 dog breeds, granted the first official breed certificate to the Thai Ridgeback in 2003. The Bangkaew obtained a temporary certificate from the FCI in 2011 and its status only came to an end. to be improved. to be formalized this year.

The FCI described the Bangkaew as “an ancient breed originating from Bangkaew village in Bang-rakam district, Phitsanulok province. The breed traces its ancestry to a cross between the local black and white female dog of a Buddhist abbot and a now-extinct wild dog, producing today’s breed. In 1957, selective breeding from single litters produced the generations seen today.

“The Thai Bangkaew Dog is considered a treasured heritage of Phitsanulok. The dogs are bred in the province and have become so famous across the country that they are now bred in all parts of Thailand, the FCI said.

“The Thai Bangkaew is a square, well-proportioned dog, never low-legged, with a fairly broad and deep chest. It has a double coat that should form a ruff around the neck and shoulders and a feathery tail, more pronounced in males than in females. His behavior is described as “alert, intelligent, loyal, watchful and obedient”. The breed is easy to train. He might be slightly distant towards strangers,” the federation added.

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