Author Claire Russell’s new book “Coyote Farewell” is the moving story of two sisters who turn to an old friend for advice after a tragic, life-changing loss.

Recent publication “Coyote Farewell” by the author of Page Publishing Claire Russell is a moving story of family and friendship that finds sisters Corinne and Jenny desperate for guidance after the death of their father and brother. Unable to rely on their mother, the two turn to an old cowboy named Dan for help who must find a way to connect with the girls.

NEW YORK, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Claire Russellwho was born into the extended family of a racehorse trainer, has completed her new book “Coyote Farewell”: a gripping and powerful story of the bond between two sisters and an old cowboy that forms after a traumatic loss.

Russell begins his story, “It is the last day. In the corner of the bench, under the verandah of the ‘old house’, a denser shadow moves in the darkness where a man sits watching the stars hanging down heavy above the near edge of the mountains. Already they are beginning to grow pale as a hesitant breath stirs the whiteness of the jasmine. It has been a dry year and a little, very little, the dew is beginning to fall. Presently, the man drains the last of his coffee, stands and stretches. As the fine lavender light washes away the shadows of the building, he enters, rinses his cup in the sink, takes one last look around and competence.

Published by Page Publishing, by Claire Russel tells the story of one last day, it’s all that’s left for the children, Corinne and Jenny, to deal with the loss of their father and brother, and the only home they’ve ever known, among the sunny hills of California. Their mother is still too shocked to help them much, and they have to turn to their old friend, a cowboy named Dan. There is a fire and the lives of two beloved horses, an orphan foal and a big old mare, hang in the balance.

Readers who wish to explore this unusual story can purchase “Coyote Farewell” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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