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“Staff are currently in the process of selecting a consultant to perform survey, geotechnical, permitting and design services for the repair.

“That said, it may take a year or more before we can complete the design and make the repairs to open the road. We apologize for the inconvenience. “

Question: Why don’t the police enforce intersections that block traffic? It is illegal for traffic to block intersections, but this happens daily at many intersections such as Hanes Mall in Stratford Road and Stratford Road at Interstate-40 West, preventing traffic with green turning arrows left to move. Apparently, some drivers are more interested in crossing the intersection than obeying traffic regulations and provoking backups. Why don’t the police verbalize these violators so that the traffic moves quickly according to the traffic lights?

Reply: In some cases, it is not illegal. Winston-Salem Police Department spokesperson Kira Boyd explains how it works.

“It is not illegal to enter the intersection at a green or yellow light. If a vehicle enters the intersection at a green or yellow light and then becomes “stuck” in the intersection with vehicles in front of it, it still has the right of way at that intersection until it leaves the intersection. Again, this is only as long as they initially entered the intersection with a green or yellow light in the direction of their travel.

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