Apple Valley town with increase in distemper (parvo)


Apple Valley, California. – (July 8, 2021): The number of dogs entering shelters due to distemper is increasing in the city of the Apple Valley Animal Services Department. Evacuation shelter staff recommend that residents check the animal’s vaccine status and vaccinate their pets.

“The disease tends to decline and spread in our community,” said Gina Whiteside, director of animal services. “Recently there has been an increase in the city and in many other communities in Southern California. Unfortunately, there is no cure for distemper, but owners can easily protect their pets by making an appointment with a local veterinary office. can.”

Distemper can be difficult to identify at first because it can look like a cold or cough in a dog. If the animal is not vaccinated, these respiratory symptoms can progress to more serious conditions and death.

Apple Valley Animal Shelter provides vaccines for shelter animals, but cannot vaccinate pets. Owners are advised to contact their local veterinary office for preventable diseases such as distemper and parvovirus.

“Preventing this disease is very easy,” Whiteside said. “There is an increasing number of cases in our community, which affects animals brought to shelters. Through the vaccination of animals, the lives of animals and the lives of others. Can be saved. ”

Canine distemper is a domestic and wild breed of dog, coyote, fox, panda, wolf, ferret, skunk, raccoon, cat and pinniped, certain primates and various other species. Wikipedia

For more information, please contact your local veterinary office or call the shelter at (760) 240-7555.

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