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Another Langley dog ​​owner reported a disturbing encounter with a coyote.

Amber Medeiros was walking her dog Sage, a medium-sized lab-pit-beagle cross, at Meadows Edge Park in Langley Meadows around 6.30am on June 15 when a coyote began stalking them.

Medeiros used a compressed air “pet corrector” (which emits a whistle to interrupt a dog’s unwanted behavior) to stop the coyote from following.

She said she had to use it three to four times.

“When we got far enough, out of sight, we booked it up the hill. Without the air compressor animal corrector to stop it, I’m not sure [of] the result.”

“It really freaked me out,” Medeiros told the Langley Advance Times.

“He was a massive coyote and I’m recovering from neck surgery and wouldn’t be able to handle an encounter [that was] no more aggressive. When we got out of her sight [I] ran my dog ​​as fast as I could to get away, and every person I passed I would let them know to be careful.

Medeiros also reported the incident to the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS).

“Now every morning walk makes me nervous, and I’m even more aware of my surroundings to prepare. I carry pet corrective spray and coyote spray, just in case, Medeiros explained.

While Medeiros said she felt for the animals being pushed out of their spaces by all the growth and construction at Langley, “but it’s still super scary to come face to face with an aggressive animal.”

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Medeiros and Sage’s confrontation with a coyote occurred around the same time as two other reported incidents of coyotes preying on dog owners and their pets in the Aldergrove community of Langley.

Kristy Addison nearly lost her seven-year-old baby Keeshond Cena to three coyotes in an incident on June 29 just south of Robertson Crescent on 244th Street as they were strolling.

Addison suffered a few holes in his pant leg and a small bruise on his leg, while his dog lost a few tufts of fur when a coyote tried to go after Cena. She and her dog were rescued by a passing SUV that fled the coyotes.

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After the Addision incident was reported, another encounter came to light involving a dog owner and a pack of coyotes a few blocks away.

A large dog, a German Shepherd, was allegedly targeted by a pack of coyotes, according to a social media post.

The dog and the owner escaped.

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