Annual coyote hunt brings in more rabbits than coyotes – Greeley Tribune


100 years ago, for the second week of December 1921, in the pages of the Greeley Tribune-Republican newspaper:

In the annual La Salle coyote hunt, 150 men participated, divided into four teams. While the men hunted outside La Salle, their wives were at Skyview School, making hot lunches. The biggest problem with the hunt was getting men to obey the rules. They killed more rabbits than coyotes. In all, seven coyotes were killed.

A shipment of Roggen’s fancy Angus calves was shipped to Chicago, and they won top prize at the National Western Stock Show. They were bred by the breeder of Roggen NL Harrison.

Column Commentary: “There will be a terrible snoring uproar in heaven if some of the regular church attendants continue their current practice of falling asleep and snoring during church service. “

At Greeley Police Court, there were 35 cases of illegal alcohol in the past month. The judge collected $ 265 in fines, which went to the city’s treasury.

Two inmates at Weld County Jail used a hacksaw to cut through the steel bars, then descended from the second floor using a rope of blankets. They have both escaped and the county is searched by sheriff’s deputies.

Mr. Mudd, principal of the Big Bend School here, just returned from Thanksgiving vacation, camping in the mountains with 10 grade 9 boys. They spent the week camping and leading a team of mules through the mountain passes.

LC McCarthy of Eaton was fined $ 10 by the justice of the peace Thursday for failing to dim his car lights on the streets of Eaton. A member of the Secretary of State’s office filed a complaint with the police.

The Lincoln Standard aircraft, which was supposed to turn Greeley into an aviation metropolis, was sold in Denver, following a state acquisition. The owner and pilot of the plane was arrested for flying under the influence of alcohol, and the state took his plane as punishment.

The president of Colorado State Teachers College has ruled that dogs will no longer be tolerated in classrooms or dormitories. The buildings have been overrun by dogs in recent weeks. Some dog owners claim their dogs were educated in college.

The popularity of electric refrigerators is increasing. While this is an expensive luxury at $ 400, refrigerators can keep food fresh and there would be no need for an ice cream delivery person. In addition, there will be no mud, dirt or dripping like there is with ice.

– 100 Years Ago is taken from the original pages of the Greeley Tribune, the Weld County Republican, and when they were merged, the Greeley Tribune-Republican. Questions or comments can be sent to

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