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With a lot of love and respect for animals, Jas Leverette is there to get his message across. He helps save dogs from euthanasia.

The leader of Netflix’s latest docuseries Canine intervention is Jas Leverette, and his long history of love and working with animals has led him to a successful career in dog training. His client list includes celebrities like Kevin Hart and Stephen Curry. Working with horses for jumping, dressage, aerobatics and horseback riding (and playing youth football with the Oakland Dynamites as a young man) made Jas appreciate the hard work, dedication and discipline. When he was in a situation where he had to protect himself, he preferred dogs to arms.

Born in New York and raised by a single mother in Oakland, Jas spent his teenage years doing whatever he could to survive. His best friend Charles was not so lucky. After committing what Jas describes as “a very bad crime“he was charged as an adult at the age of 16. He received a 31-year life sentence. Fearing that he would find himself in similar circumstances, Jas put everything he had learned into Cali K9 .

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Jas started Cali K-9 with the belief that there are no bad dogs and with a mission to save the last-ditch dogs that were about to be euthanized. Over a million dogs are euthanized each year, and once, a long time ago, one of those unfortunate dogs belonged to Jas. Sinbad, Jas’s beloved, killed another dog and as a result, Jas was forced to put him down. The experience changed his life forever and he wants to prevent every dog ​​from being euthanized.


Leverette trains all kinds of dogs. From pets and assistance dogs to law enforcement K-9s and protection dogs, Jas can train them all. It is so good that it is called a “animal communicator“, according to its website, CaliK9. His work with horses is entirely focused on body language, while his work with dogs relies on his expert ability to recognize the “dynamism, temperament and disposition in all races.

Devoting his life to understanding dogs and, more importantly, helping humans understand dogs, Jas is a pack animal himself. As a devout Muslim, Jas knows his God is his pack leader, who helps him stay motivated (and vigorously pursue the life he wants to live). In this example, Jas makes a clear connection between animals and humans and believes that dogs and humans need support to feel safe, as well as loving guidance when they are afraid or unsafe.

Although he clearly loves his dogs a lot (he has four), Jas Leverette also has human loves in his life! He met his wife Nouhaila during a trip to Morocco. He said he knew he couldn’t live without her as soon as he saw her. The beautiful couple welcomed beautiful baby boy Jasir into the world on February 15, 2020. Jas was thrilled and hopes his son will fall in love with the dogs the way he did (and take over the family business one day).

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