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Aldergrove resident Kristy Addison has tracked down the people who saved her and her little dog from a coyote attack last month.

On Wednesday, June 29, a couple in an SUV responded when a pack of coyotes preyed on Cena, a seven-year-old Keeshond, just south of Robertson Crescent on 244th Street while Addison was walking her dog.

Addison and Cena were passing a farm when three coyotes came out of the ditch.

Addison began to back away, fearing the coyotes would view Cena as prey.

When one of them lunged at her, she yelled back, “while trying to puff up to look taller and stare him down and challenge his dominance because at this point I don’t still wasn’t scared.”

It did not work. As the coyotes closed in, she picked up her dog.

After having Cena on her shoulders, one of the coyotes, the one who rushed her in the first place, started breaking her legs, jumping up and trying to reach Cena.

“You won’t get it!” To safeguard! Go for it! Get out of there! Addison shouted.

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“The coyote has now branded my leg and pants with its mouth at least three [to] four times. And I have heart pains as my heart is racing and I’m starting to panic completely in fight or flight mode and I’m clearly in shock.

That’s when a darker-colored SUV arrived on the scene heading north on 244th toward Addison and his dog.

“I started signaling the vehicle overhead with my only free arm, as I ran and frantically screamed for help, heading for the Robertson Crescent lamp post and stop sign. Within seconds, the oncoming vehicle rushed [most aggressive] coyote off the road and pulled up next to Cena and me.

The older couple inside the SUV opened its back door to get Addison and Cena to safety.

“I kept saying ‘thank you, thank you! God bless you! You are nothing less than heaven-sent and heroes!”

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” Addison said of her rescuers.

She escaped her “frightening and definitely near-death experience” with a few holes in her trouser leg and a small bruise on her leg.

Cena has lost a few tufts of fur and is “pretty shaken,” Addison said.

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In all the stress, Addison forgot to get the names or contact details of her lifeguards at the time.

After she went public in hopes of locating them, a mutual friend hooked them up on Tuesday, July 5.

She said the couple preferred to remain anonymous and told him the only reward they needed was knowing that she and Cena made it home safely.

“I’m so glad we made it on time,” the woman said in a text shared by Addison.

“You had a look of terror on your face [when] we saw you. It must have been a nightmare for you and scary for your little pooch.

The couple told Addison that years before, on Robertson Crescent, a group of coyotes came after their Pomeranian, and they haven’t walked in the area after dinnertime or at dusk since, a rule that Addison intends to follow.

“Although I’m in shock and pretty shaken up, I’m obviously grateful to Cena and I for getting home safely and I’m in no way mad at the coyote who nearly fed my dog ​​dinner. “commented Addison.

“They’re just trying to survive and my furry kid is right on their menu! Lesson learned and above all I am more than grateful that good people still exist in this world!

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