A pack of coyotes spotted in Edgewater? This is what we know


The term nature heals has taken on a different meaning today. Today we received reports from local residents that a coyote pack has been spotted in Edgewater.

A reader shared with Hoboken girl that she spotted the coyote pack in Edgewater near her home in the Duchess apartment buildings, located at 7601 River Road.

“There are warnings to residents who live in the area who have young children, dogs and cats to be careful. Please be careful and alert !! ”the resident shared with our team.

“The pack was HUGE,” the resident explained, noting that he was spotted at City Place in Edgewater last night, near the Walgreens, and also approaching apartment buildings. They had not provided photos, but had spotted them in the parking lot of their building.

Police have been contacted, as has animal control, and alerts have been sent to many apartment buildings along River Road as some reports characterized the pack as aggressive.

Hoboken girl spoke with Edgewater Police, who seemed unfamiliar with the sightings over the past 24 hours, but shared that sightings of coyotes in this area are not uncommon.

“It’s not really unusual,” police told Hoboken girl. “We have heard about spotting here and there over the past few years. “

This isn’t the Gold Coast’s first rodeo featuring wildlife, as deer, bald eagles, and other animals have been spotted in recent years – and yes, including coyotes.

“They are in Jersey City, they are in Hoboken, they are everywhere,” said Christian Crosby, a PhD professor in the ecology department at Rutgers University who has studied the movements and behaviors of coyotes.

“They have been seen in 98% of New Jersey, including Central Park and the Bronx in New York. Their highest concentrations in New Jersey are found in the Northwestern counties and the Pine Barrens, ”he shared with New Jersey Conservation in an interview.

According to MyBergen.com, Coyotes are frequently seen in Bergen County, so this indicates that they would be seen in Edgewater.

“Coyotes have become firmly established and quite comfortable in the Bergen County and North Jersey area due to their adaptable nature,” the outlet reported. “They just adapt well to their environment and can survive on whatever food is available. Coyotes typically feed on rodents and rabbits, but will take advantage of anything available, including garbage, pet food, and even pets. “

There is certainly no need to panic, however. “Coyotes are here to stay, so it’s important that we learn to live with them,” he said. “They’re really easy going if you know what you’re doing. “

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If you come across a coyote, here’s what to do to avoid a problem, Crosby says on New Jersey Conservation:

  • – Don’t feed them. If you do, they will get used to humans and lose their natural fear.
  • – Secure garbage cans, limit access to compost piles and do not leave bowls of pet food outside. Be aware that they might try to loot bird feeders.
  • – Keep cats and dogs indoors and make sure livestock such as chickens and lambs are in a secure area.
  • – If you see a coyote in your yard or near your house, be sure to yell, wave your arms, throw things, spray a hose, or use an air horn, but be sure to that there is an emergency exit for the animal.
  • – If you come across an aggressive coyote – which is extremely rare – call the police or animal control.
  • – Seal areas under decks and porches to prevent coyotes from establishing dens.
  • – If you have a fenced yard, make sure the fence is at least five to six feet high and is buried at least six inches below the ground.

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Written by: Jennifer Tripucka

Jen is the founder and editor-in-chief of HobokenGirl.com. With deep entrepreneurial roots in Hudson County – when her grandparents owned textile businesses on Tonnelle Ave in North Bergen dating back to the 1950s – she started the site as a resident of Hoboken to find out the amazing things that are happening in the region. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or the #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she is usually found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her two puppies, or walking her two puppies. watching Bravo TV and ordering takeout with her husband.

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