A coyote was spotted sniffing around in a downtown Toronto backyard

Coyote sightings have been frequent in Toronto in recent years, but recently a coyote showed up in a downtown backyard.

There was even a coyote sighting in a schoolyard and someone spotted one swimming in a Toronto river, but this time a coyote was filmed sniffing right next to the door of somebody.

The video posted to a local Facebook group is captioned saying it was taken on Wright between Sorauren and Macdonell.

“Hungry animals, the woman also wrote.

It shows a coyote sniffing around in his yard and looking up before dashing under a fence.

She then posted a follow-up video in the animal services comments taking the coyote to a crate.

“He walked into my neighbor’s garage and was sleeping right under his car. Animal services took her away,” the woman shared in a comment.

“They were taking her (they thought she might be a woman) for a check-up and then they said they could release her by the train tracks somewhere.”

Several people from the neighborhood group commented “wow”, one person said “that’s wild”.

“That’s why the kittens are inside,” one person wisely commented.

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