A Complete Guide to the Cradle of the Canine Side Quest



After completing the quest Monarch without radio in The outer worlds, a cutscene will be caused of a crash landing of a ship far away on the current planet, Monarch. The radio intermissions will be interrupted by the two leaders of the MSI groups and the Iconoclasts in an attempt to persuade the player to help one of them get what he wants most. The combat helicopter targeting module.

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A UDL gunship has crashed into Monarch, and MSI and the Iconoclasts desperately want it.

See where the ship lands

Before the player makes big decisions, it is best to check what it was about. The gunship crash lands in an unmarked area. The nearest point of travel is Terra One Publications. From there the player walks on foot.

This targeting module controls the gunship system of the gunship. Without it, the ship is effectively useless in combat. So much power in something so small.

Along the way, Rapidon encounters can be found around every corner. Traveling through the new sulfur pits will take you to the UDL Gunship.

Collect the Gunship targeting module

When standing in front of the gaping hole made inside the ship, also the only entrance, all equipped companions notify the player that they will be waiting outside while the targeting mod is retrieved.

The choice of which companions to be left behind may seem a bit vague, but no weapon needs to be fired inside the ship. Inside, the ship is unbalanced (which can make some players sick from the movements) and welded. All the player has to do is interact with the first terminal and then continue until you find the mod. Take it and go.

(Optional) Give the targeting mod to Sanjar

Sanjar works for Monarch Stellar Industries (MSI). He has a bright future of freedom in the galaxy, focusing on democracy. The MSI was once under The Board and Sanjar worked for them. He was a very loyal employee of the Commission and wants to focus on workers’ rights without destroying what was already in place.

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Giving Sanjar the targeting mod means the MSI has the power and holds all of Monarch to do whatever it wants.

(Optional) Give the targeting mod to Graham

Graham himself founded the iconoclastic movement and is its main leader. It focuses heavily on spreading the word of the iconoclastic movement like a virus at all costs. Even if men have to die needlessly for it. Upon further investigation, the player can discover that Graham was the cause of the Amber Heights massacre.

Giving Graham the targeting mod means he controls both Stellar Bay and Amber Heights for his own plans to spread the Iconoclast message even more.

(Optional) Give the targeting mod to Zora

Zora is Graham’s right-hand man and the Iconoclast’s health professional. The two clashed over what should be the group’s priority. Zora believes that people’s lives matter and that their soldiers shouldn’t be constantly used as unnecessary messengers to spread the word.

Giving the targeting mod to Zora means that Graham has been eliminated and that she is the sole leader of the Iconoclasts. Zora will have the power over Monarch to pursue her plans for the Iconoclasts as she sees fit.

(Optional) Ask MSI and Iconoclasts to Negotiate

Arguably the best option due to less bloodshed and negativity, MSI and Iconoclasts can agree to work together in peace and harmony. For this option, the player must be able to convince both parties using the information and persuasion found previously. Sanjar and Graham have pasts, but getting Zora to negotiate with him is key.

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To do this, the player must prove to Sanjar that Zora has a reputable job behind her. The player must read a terminal in Cascadia to have proof of Zora’s past work. Sanjar will then be content to work with Zora, but Zora must control the Iconoclasts to make decisions in the first place.

To put Zora in control, the player must have helped Zora before Canid‘s Cradle. They must then help him a little more. Helping him more means, after talking to Sanjar about the negotiation, Zora gives the player a new quest in search of supplies and information. This reveals that Graham was responsible for the Amber Heights massacre. The player should give Zora some space to think. After that, she confronts him, resulting in Graham’s death and his leadership.

The only way to go after all of this is to have about 55 people in Persuasion to keep the two going until the negotiation is over. The targeting module stays with the player who can be sold. MSI and Iconoclasts share Monarch.

Side with the MSI

Choosing to give the mod to Sanjar and side with the MSI means that every Iconoclast encountered afterwards will be hostile. While the player does not have to go to war and kill all the Iconoclasts, they will attack themselves if they see you.

Returning to Amber Heights means yet another slaughter for the city.

Side with the iconoclasts

If the player chooses to give the targeting mod to Zora or Graham, you are forced to get rid of the force and the leader of Stellar Bay. They want Stellar Bay and Monarch. Without continuing to negotiate, Sanjar will not give up everything he has created.

The player must kill Sanjar and his associates during the quest, leaving Stellar Bay in a bloodbath for the Iconoclasts to clean up and take.

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