A canine addition to the Woman’s Club and a Target Dress Challenge



Petaluma Woman’s Club accepts new “honorary member”: In what the Petaluma Woman’s Club calls “an act of unprecedented inclusion,” the iconic local institution has granted honorary membership status to Nora, the loyal service dog of member Carol Bracco, former co-chair, vice -President of events and memberships. An active member of the club since 2012, Bracco is constantly in the company of Nora, a petaluma-trained golden retriever based by the University of Canine Studies of Bergin to obey 100 commandments.

According to a recent communication to the BUZZ, however, it seems that many who know the savvy canine sometimes nickname her “Ignora”, for the occasions when she refuses to answer or has “other ideas.” It should be added that Nora has done her part of volunteering for the club, frequently acting as a friendly official hostess and sometimes a vacuum cleaner. Nora has been Carol’s companion for almost nine years, after a predecessor, Ukiah, was killed in a car crash in June 2011.

On February 9, during the Zoom “Honoring Past Presidents” meeting of the club, Nora ceremoniously received a brass watering can, which will be permanently installed on the porch of the historic building of the Petaluma Woman’s Club, recently modified to be accessible to people. with disabilities and ADA Compliant. These changes, partly inspired by Bracco and Nora, have allowed the PWC to welcome visitors and their service animals to public meetings and events, making the clubhouse more accessible and attractive for private rental events. To find information on the history of the Petaluma Woman’s Club, membership opportunities and rental information, visit Petalumawomansclub.com.

Petaluma’s Bogert Family Takes Up The Trendy Target Dress Challenge: In recent weeks, a strange phenomenon has been unfolding across America. Otherwise, sane people have bought dresses from Target, especially in a ridiculously hideous retro women’s clothing line – released last year and apparently inspired by the amateur theatrical productions of “The Grapes of Wrath” – and have then took photos in the staged clothes to look like authentic photos from the time of the Great Depression – only usually with hilarious twists. Such photos have appeared on social media, often accompanied by the phrase #TargetDressChallenge.

When the Bogert family, who just happens to live on a farm in Petaluma, heard about the challenge, it didn’t take long to realize that, first of all, they had their own professional photographer in the family. It would be mum Bre Bogert. Second, they had the perfect spot for a country-themed photoshoot in their backyard. And third, the imposing Matt Bogert, Bre’s husband, would look impressive in one of these patterned meadow dresses.

Anyway, it looked like an explosion.

“We come had for fun too, ”Bre recently posted on the popular“ I Love Petaluma! ”Facebook group, adding:“ Yes, I said we. “

The resulting photoshoot, a true family affair, indeed focused on Matt, frolicking happily in a dress while carrying axes and cuddling goats and chickens.

“He’s not just the coolest husband and chicken whisperer, goat trainer and ‘farm manager’,” Bre said, “but his sense of humor exceeds mine most of the time. ! “

Matt rang the bell, “At first I laughed when she and our boys suggested it, then I was like, ‘You know what? The world has seen so much sadness and very bad things this year, my family has suffered serious losses this year, it will make my boys laugh and maybe someone else. Matt also liked the idea of ​​using the small family farm for filming and hopefully making his wife laugh. “And,” he adds, “the boys are going to learn how to make pillows from the fabric of the dress when we’re done. We all win. If you can make someone laugh or smile, why not?

The resulting photographs are hilarious, beautiful, and eerily heartwarming. Bre (did we mention she was the one who took these photos?) Pointed out five important things the family learned from the shoot.

“One, my husband has great legs,” she said. “Two, a Target maxi dress on a man who measures 6ft 8in is the length of a cocktail. Three, chickens, goats, dogs and rabbits love him no matter what he wears – and we love him more. Four, it takes a really fun, confident man to rock this shoot, and five, he fully understands why I’m wearing Spanx now. “

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