9-year-old girl recovers from coyote attack in Georgetown

A 9-year-old girl from Georgetown is recovering from a coyote attack.

Residents of the Teravista neighborhood in Georgetown and Round Rock say the attack is one of many dangerous encounters with coyotes in recent weeks.

The 9-year-old was rollerblading outside her home on Scenic Lake Drive at noon when her mother, Amanda Oparanozie, said what she thought was a dog running towards her on the sidewalk.

“By the time she realized it was a coyote, it was too late. So she tried to run away, but she still had her roller blades on, so she couldn’t. The coyote ran towards her , bit her on the leg, and so she fell to the ground,” Oparanozie said.

The girl screamed, fending off the coyote with a container until her father came to help her. He told Oparanozie that the coyote didn’t look scared and ended up trotting.

“It makes me sad to know that she likes to play outside,” Oparanozie said tearfully, “She should be able to go out in the front yard and play and know she’s safe.”

The 9-year-old girl has bruises and puncture wounds on her leg.

She is vaccinated against rabies and “at night, she still does not sleep alone”.

About 30 minutes after the coyote fled, Melanie Winston believes it followed her family of seven as they walked from their home to the car – following her 8-year-old son, the last to enter in the vehicle.

Security camera video captured the incident. “If my brother-in-law hadn’t walked fast enough, he might have bitten him,” Lacie Bush, 8, said.

Oparanozie says the family hears coyotes howl in their yard every morning. “I have to tell my daughter she’s safe,” she explained.

In recent weeks, neighbors say pets, even dogs with their owners, have been attacked by coyotes.

They contacted their HOA, animal control, and several state, city, and county agencies. Yet no one has come forward to relocate the animals.

“I just hope and pray that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.” Oparanozia.

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