2022 Coyote Creek Outdoor Sports Show Recap


The 2022 Coyote Creek Outdoors Sports Show is fast becoming a popular summer event for contest callers and outdoor enthusiasts.

From August 5-7, 2022, Coyote Creek Outdoors hosted its first-ever Coyote Creek Outdoors Sports Show at its Rochester, Minnesota store. This all-ages, free, family-oriented, one-day outdoor event was the perfect combination of their Customer Appreciation Days and their all-new Coyote Creek Calling Classic, a series of calls from ducks and geese that took center stage on Saturday. . With food trucks, entertainment and games, and nearly three dozen vendors on site, there was a little something for every sauvignon, archer, shooter and outdoorsman who attended.

Mike Benjamin, director of the archery department of Coyote Creek Outdoors – and renowned duck and goose caller – shared his excitement about the event. “As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and as major retailers shift their focus away from events and towards online sales, several large outdoor events and call contests have dried up. We worked closely with the International Callers Association and wanted to create a new opportunity for waterfowl enthusiasts and contest callers throughout the region. Minnesota hasn’t held a state goose contest since COVID hit, and with so many new callers looking to try stage calling, we’ve put together the Coyote Creek Calling Classic, and have also brought back the former regional “Home of the Giants” goose competition. , which is open to all callers.

goose call contest winners home of the giants open goose contest
Mike Benjamin (second from left) won the ‘Home of the Giants’ open goose contest and stands with the other four finalists. (Photo courtesy of the Appellants International Association)

A call to all

The Coyote Creek Calling Classic attracted many of the world’s top contest callers for a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash and other prizes. The series included a suite of duck and goose calling competitions: Junior Duck, Junior Goose, Novice Duck, Novice Goose, Minnesota State Goose, Open Meat Duck, and “Home of the Giants” Open Goose. .

Benjamin spoke of the notable popularity of the event, despite it being their first. “Competitors came from all over the Midwest and even Ontario to compete. We had a lot of novice and junior competitors, around 14-15 in each section, and several people mentioned that this was their first competition. We are very happy to have started this event and promote the call for the contest, it just wouldn’t be good for the next generation without something like this happening.

Coyote Creek Calling Classic Contest Results

Junior duck:

  1. Alden Pugh
  2. Riley Heron
  3. Wyatt Warweg

Junior goose:

  1. Alden Pugh
  2. JT Johnson
  3. hunter all day

Novice Duck:

  1. Alden Pugh
  2. Ben Heron
  3. Shaun Lynn

Novice goose:

  1. Austin Schelander
  2. Alden Pugh
  3. Tony Strauss

Minnesota State Goose:

  1. Austin Schelander
  2. Joe Heintz
  3. David Goos

Meat duck:

  1. Cory Nicum
  2. Michael Benjamin
  3. Ben Heron

Open Goose “House of Giants”:

  1. Michael Benjamin
  2. Alden Pugh
  3. David Goos
Austin Schelander, winner of the goose-calling contest
Austin Schelander won first place in the Novice Goose and Minnesota State Goose competition. (Photo courtesy of Austin Schelander)

beyond the stage

Additionally, the show featured the Coyote Creek 3D Classic – a 3D archery shoot – one of the largest paid 3D shoots in the Midwest. Attendees also enjoyed gun demonstrations, kiddie BB gun shooting, decoy throwing, ax throwing, prizes, giveaways and many other fun festivities.

With a resounding success at this premiere event, the first Saturday in August will quickly become one of Southeast Minnesota’s most popular outdoor summer sports spectacles for waterfowl hunters and waterfowl enthusiasts. outdoors.

2022 Coyote Creek Outdoor Sports Show
The Coyote Creek Outdoors Sports Show offers a variety of fun outdoor festivities for the whole family.

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