1962 WFHS alumnus grieving the loss of Coyote’s name


Alan C. cummings

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I graduated from Wichita Falls High School, Class of 1962. I am very disturbed to learn that the name Coyote will apparently not be part of either of the two high schools that are going to be built to replace my beloved school.

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I brag about my experiences and those of my family there all the time. I was on the tennis team. My sister, seven years older than me, won the state tennis championship when she was a junior. My older brother was a member of the Coyote State Championship football team when he was a senior.

We all had a great education at Wichita Falls High. Of the four of us, two got their doctorates in physics, one got a master’s degree in mathematics, and the other became the manager of a Procter and Gamble factory.

I’m sorry to see the high school go, but I’m so sorry to hear that the mascot name Coyote might not continue. I feel a part of me is crushed.

Please register my strong objection. Let me know if there are any other people I should contact to register my opinions.

Alan C. Cummings, Pasadena, CA

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