Littal girl peeing like a boy

Age: 30
Weight: 168
Height: 46
Size: 4
We have a very big problem:
Kids often go to war with their parents over elimination, it's one of the only things they can control that their parents can't! Dressed only in her diaper, she threw her ample belly over the lip of the toilet. After my success with my skirt on, I got cocky yeah, I said it ; , and tried it with jeans. So just let her do it and I imagine she will go back to the easier way once she's not getting any attention for it.
I've noticed since dd toilet trained herself at 2 and a half that her pee shoots straight out like a boys does - she has to lean over forward just. She saw her brother peeing n right after she thought she could. when the big girl goes in front of her n baby does that booty wiggle like pe.

Pee Like A Boy!

Age: 36
Weight: 165
Height: 48
Size: 3
I would tell her that if she makes a mess on herself or in the bathroom as I bet it does- I can't imagine how she can do it without getting something wet she has to help clean it up. A Stand-Up Job Karel and I took this as a sign that our little girl was ready for potty training -- a full six months earlier than our son had been, I might add. During his time in that position we have never had a wet bed or a misplaced puddle.
But our story may challenge some of our preconceived notions about raising boys and girls. Anyone else have this with their daughter - and what was the outcome? I think this device is the wonderful complement to travel, especially in hot countries if you plan to live in skirts and dresses like I am. Oh been there done that, it's not fun. After about 15 seconds she looked up and said, "Ahgo pee. I peed on the seat.
Been experiencing this two. Ive washed both changing pad covers several times already! She usually does it when I'm grabbing a wipe or right after I wipe so I try to hold the clean diaper over her like I'm about to close it up so if she does do Littal girl peeing like a boy, hopefully it'll catch rather than go down her back Ah, what it's like to be a mommy! Sorry I'm no help but I definitely feel ya on this one! She shot her pee out Littal girl peeing like a boy me one day and my shirt had a huge soaked spot!! Lol glad we aren't the only ones.
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