We borrow money in a cheap way

It can be e.g.own contribution, maybe high income, loan size or openness to purchase additional financial products.

An appropriate set of criteria to be met by the client means that out of 24 banks 18 are already able to offer a loan with a margin of around 1%. Only Good Finance exceptionally do not reach this level in negotiations with high-value clients.

Non-uniform policy of financiers


It is good to know how banks approach loan prices, the more that their policies are not the same. When in one of them the own contribution will be of basic importance, in another it will be the size of the loan amount. Elsewhere, an important element of the whole credit puzzle is the amount of earnings of those interested in borrowing money.

Contrary to popular belief, the assessment of the thickness of the client’s portfolio is not the same in every bank (of course you have to prove your creditworthiness for the desired loan amount).

The sensitivity of financial institutions to the purchase of additional products is also different. When in one bank they are satisfied with setting up a free online account, in another it will be a package of services requiring several hundred zlotys of expenses per month (including insurance, investment programs, an account for over USD 20).

It’s easier with a thick wallet


One-tenth the price of real estate


However, considering that for one-tenth the price of real estate will not take such an amount, it will not gain anyway, because at lower amounts the margin increases. At Fine Bank, this reduction may reach 0.3 percent.

In Good Finance it will be 0.25% and in Agree Bank and GFIC 0.2%. In turn, in Millennium and BPH, the change in the margin in exchange for a high own contribution will be 0.50 percent, and in DnB Nord 0.45 percent. Next to GFI, i.e. the ratio of credit to property value, the second key element that reduces the margin in the bank tables is the loan amount.

The higher the amount, the lower the margin usually. For example, a one-point margin at Fine Bank can be counted on if you borrow at least 750,000 USD and for the bank, it will no longer matter here whether the customer has 10 or 20 percent. own contribution.

At Good Finance, this does not matter in the presented margin grids. Agree Bank distinguishes only loans below USD 300,000. USD and from 300,000 USD and up What is important for a Fine Bank customer is his income.

It will earn one-point margins if the total inflow of credit takers amounts to min. 12 thousand USD net.

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