The Outer Worlds – MSI or the Iconoclasts for the Canid’s Cradle quest

In The outer worlds, the second major quest “Which Faction Should I Help” is going to hit Monarch. MSI’s Sanjar Nandi and Iconoclasts Graham Bryant both want the Crashed Gunship targeting pod, and your choice gets it.

The rewards here are quite different. Handing over the mod to MSI will earn you the Saltuna Searer flamethrower (50 damage, or 720 DPS), while the Iconoclasts will give you The Good Word (a 960 DPS heavy machine gun) in return. But, as with Edgewater, there is a third option.

Heal the fault

If you want to try to bring the fractured world of Monarch together, this is your opportunity. However, you should already have done quite a bit of legwork.

First, you’ll want to have completed the Sucker Bait quest given by Graham’s second in command, Zora. You’ll also want to have done the Sanjar BOLT quest with his name and read the reviews on the Terminals. Lastly, you’ll need a copy of Zora’s Review, which you can find at one of the terminals around Monarch, although you can always pick it up a bit late.

The third option

If you’ve met these prerequisites, go talk to Sanjar and ask if he can agree to a truce with the Iconoclasts. Tell him you’ve read his performance review and that he can’t handle it all on his own. Suggest Zora as an alternative to Graham, and he’ll ask to see his review – which hopefully you found (if memory serves, if not with Sanjar’s review in BOLT with His Name, then this is on a terminal in Cascadia). Hopefully, it’ll let you know if you don’t have it – but I can’t be sure, as I found it a few hours ago.

The Outer Worlds Sanjar 1

Either way, Sanjar is convinced, but you still need to talk to the Iconoclasts about it. If you did Sucker Bait, Zora would have to approach you before you can reach Graham: she’s ready to drop him and take control of the Iconoclasts. Agree that she should be the leader. Follow her upstairs, then watch the conversation with Graham unfold. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to resolve his move without bloodshed.

Once Graham is dead, she will ask for the targeting module. You will need High Intelligence, High Perception, 55 Inspiration, or 55 Persuasion to convince her to enter into a truce. Since Canid’s Cradle isn’t a story-critical mission, keep in mind that you can always go out and level up if you need to boost your stats.

The Outer Worlds Zora 1

Once she agrees, a truce meeting is set for the OSI Church outside of Stellar Bay. Go for it. You can effectively say whatever you want at this point and the truce will always be arranged, completing the quest. However, there are a few opportunities to get bonus experience through skill testing. To bring the two factions together, you get the Soft Speaker: a 193 DPS telescoping baton with -90% noise and +10 Intimidate.

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