Meet Wylie, the Rare Coyote-Red Wolf Mix Here in the High Plains | KAMR

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – The Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center welcomes and cares for a ton of different animals in the high plains.

But it turns out that an animal they’ve had for three years now has a special and rare distinction.

Meet Wylie, who is part coyote and part red wolf. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the red wolf is considered an endangered species.

Wylie was placed in the care of the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo by a family in Memphis.

After a Facebook post and inclination, Wild West Wildlife founder Stephanie Brady sent specimens to US Fish and Wildlife for testing. Several months later, Brady learned that Wylie was indeed part coyote and part red wolf.

Brady says having an animal like Wylie in his drug rehab center has been a blessing.

“We view Wylie as a surrogate for our Wild Coyote puppies in our care. He is very fatherly and protective and he lets us know that when we go to the pen to feed and clean. We feel very lucky to have him in our care and look forward to all the different things we can learn from him, ”Brady said.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, no studies have yet been done on the number of species of red wolf coyotes in the state of Texas. But a TPW biologist we spoke with said it could happen in the near future.

For more information on endangered red wolf species:

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